Valerie Fowler - Make-up Artistry Hairstyling - San Diego, California

"Commute To You"  make-up artist for all skin tones and hair stylist for any hair texture.

Betty Jean Alridge

Massage Therapist B. J's In Home Comfort Zone (Owner)

  I recommend Valerie for all your make overs.  She is detailed and has a super clean working environment.  She is a true sweetheart and has a super personality.  If you are feeling like you need a change in your look, she is the one that can make that change!  You definitely have to give her a try!  By far the greatest and you can bank on that :)

Joan Jackson

"Dignity, Strength and Results" Divorce and Breakup Coach

  Valerie Fowler is an excellent on the scene make-up artist.  She kept the cameras rolling!  I hired Valerie to be on the set while I was being taped by NBC at one of my Balanced Workshops.  Her creativity and passion for her job is well appreciated!


Romance Writers Of America Conference / Party

San Diego All Star Game, Fox Sports

Marlen Esparza (Olympic female boxer)

Kool and the Gang (cd cover)

John Legend (vocalist / musician)

Bill Cosby

Regina Bell (vocalist)

Hilton Bayfront Conference

Marcella Valladoild (pro chef)

Best Thing I Ever Made (Food Network)

Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food Network)

Discovery Channel (Titanic Documentary)

Discovery Health Channel (Birthday Live!)

Tony Gwynn (baseball Hall Of Fame, dvt tour)

Ladainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers)

Tony Hawk

Comic-Con (Lion's Gate Films)

Spike TV / MTV @ Comic-Con (Jessica Gower)

Spike TV ("Playbook 360")

Dhani Jones

Kirk Morrison

Keala Kennelly (pro surfer)

Golfer Ernie Els (Buick Invitational - TV interview)

Golfer Geoff Ogilvy

Joan Jackson's Balanced Workshop (NBC)

Cover Edge Productions

Mitt Romney (Massachusetts Governor)

Newt Gingrich

Senator Jerry Saunders

Congressman Duncan Hunter

Congressman Bill Bilbray

Representative Darryl Issa

Attorney Robert Massi

Kate Russell (vocalist, Good Morning San Diego)

Linda Yo (author, Asian Slim Secrets - Good Morning San Diego)

Carol Firenze (author, The Passionate Olive - Good Morning San Diego)

Hair and Make-up Diva Michelle Pace (Good Morning San Diego)

Valerie Fowler Make-up Artistry Hairstyling - CLIENT  LIST

Client Recommendation

Jason Stepanek

Video Producer of Binary Pulse Technology Marketing

  Valerie was a valued asset to the production team.  She was on time and provided excellent make-up and hair services for our production.  We look forward to working with her again.

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15Four, Navy Federal Credit Union

Boombox Group

Binary Pulse Technology Marketing

eJustice (legal)

Red Door Interactive (corporate travel)

Olympian Britney Henry

Dr.  Diane Wilert (deClarity - blood cord registry)

Ten Stories Production

KKBPS (Alcohol & Beverage Commission)

Who's Got The Power?

Middlemarch Films

Kid Billy

Life Way

Duet (Lorna Simpson)

Border Stories (Judith Barry) 

Young Teens and Self-Esteem (Kay Wilson)

Valerie Fowler - Make-up Artistry Hairstyling - San Diego, California

"Commute To You"  make-up artist for all skin tones and hair stylist for any hair texture.

Make-up By Valerie City Faces 


LDWW Rolex Group

Under Armour

Puma (catalog)

Adidas (catalog)

Callaway Golf Apparel (catalog)

Naughty Monkey Shoes (catalog)

Latino & Style Magazine (make-up & fashion styling, article contributions)

Samatamason (Whirl Pool Annual Report - make-up & hair)

Kaufhof (winter catalog)

Shutterbug (magazine tear sheet - Hensel)

Voodoo Promotions (magazine tear sheet - Voodoo Vixens)

Bertice Berry (novel cover - (Redemption Song)

Barbara Morris (book cover -  Boomers Really Can Put Old On Hold)

Passion International Hair Magazine

Hair Sensations Magazine

Billion Dollar Brows (magazine ad)

"Beauty is both natural & in the hands of the artist.  Through the illusion of make-up you can achieve what you want  eyes to perceive."   Valerie Fowler - make-up artist

Tava Smiley (Auction Network)

Carrie Prejean (Miss California)

Bloomberg News

Court TV


CNN (Larry King Live)

Fox News (Hannity and Colmes)

Fox News Live

Fox News & ABC (Clerks II, Jeff Anderson & Brian O'Halloran)

Disney (The Jenny Project, TV movie)

California Weddings 101 (HIndu-American Ceremonies)

Sea World (TV commercial)

Mossy Nissan (TV commercial)

Jenny Craig (HGTV)

Attack Ads for Mile of Cars (TV commercial)

Zoom Auto Ads (TV commercial)

IKEA (TV commercial & billboard)

Veronica Mars (TV series) 

Point Pleasant (TV series - 20th Century Fox)

1-800- San Diego (TV commercial)

Saks 5th Ave. (fashion show)

Joico International Hairstyling Team (fashion show)

Framesi Hair Show

San Diego Stingray cheerleaders

Maids (Sledgehammer Theatre, Gloria Gaynor)